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Excellence Exists in You

I believe that we all came here with a reason and the meaning of life is to find and accomplish the higher mission. Since I became a mom I thought that the meaning of my existence are my children. Of course that this is partly true, but…

5 Truths to Initiate Superhero Sight

If you are a bright spark, you must hold fast to your shine regardless of who chooses to bask in its rays. We cannot allow others’ clouds to dim our joy, our Divine essence, or the world will simply be plagued with pleasers and devoid of…

Responsibility for Self

Many of us are just “going through the motions” of every day life. We are doing what is expected of us, versus what’s truly in our best interests. From jobs to family, we are following the patterns of our ancestors. We may feel as if we are…

Morals are Adjustable

What are our morals? Our ethics? It’s what we believe is right. But, what is right? Is anything truly right? It may be right for you at that moment. It might be right for someone else but doesn’t ring true for you. Our morals and ethics…


In the Divine realm, there are endless and infinite possibilities. When we recognize this and are open to receiving them, we must also understand not all of these possibilities are best for our growth. Discernment is the tool we need to…

The Gain of Pain

Life is constantly rearranging itself. The pain is often simply part of the of the birthing process of beauty, meaning, knowledge and understanding. And remembering this can remind us that everything is already alright.

Love Formula in 10 Easy Steps

Here is why so many relationships fail! Being in love is not love. You choose to be in love the same way you choose to be happy. Try this easy LHM Love Formula and make your love life more fulfielled than you ever imagined.