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Catherine B. Roy is an internationally recognized business and personal growth coach, bestselling author, podcaster, and keynote speaker with the mission to help you do what you love, empowered by your own freedom.

Catherine specializes in helping Coaches, Consultants, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Companies to grow their businesses online.

Catherine enjoys the distinction of being a former official Forbes Coaches Council member, MENSA member (IQ>156), also officially certificated by the Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women Program, and has received many thought leadership awards, 4 years in a row. 

Catherine is the founder of LHM Academia, her latest book, Live from Your Heart and Mind, is an international Bestseller, and she is also the founder of the LHM System, a holistic approach to personal and professional growth that emphasizes love, happiness, and mindfulness.

She has clients in 30 countries and her work has been featured by Forbes, Goldman Sachs, TEDx, Microsoft, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and others. Her most popular work went viral and reached 1.2M people in less than 10 hours and her social media counts for over 100K followers while a Google search shows more than 40 million results for her name.

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LinkedIn: A Gold Mine for Business Growth

LinkedIn flies under the radar as the forgotten social media platform because people assume (incorrectly) that their target audience isn’t on there.

There couldn’t be a more WRONG statement!

If you want higher-caliber clients, the types that are actively looking for ways to advance themselves and their careers, LinkedIn is the BEST place to plant your flag and attract the best prospects.

Thousands of Business Owners, Experts, Consultants, Coaches, and Companies Have Scaled Their Business And Become “The Recognized Experts” In Their Industry Thanks To LinkedIn…

Learn how Catherine B. Roy aka LinkedIn Wonder Woman tripled her business twice in just one year using the power of LinkedIn. Discover how to leverage LinkedIn to expand your network and increase your business opportunities.

AI for Business Simplified

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in the modern business landscape, revolutionizing operations from automation to driving innovation.

Here’s The Honest Truth: If You’re Not Proficient With AI, Your Business Is At Risk Of Fading Away.

AI has been rapidly advancing, and its progress is too remarkable to overlook. AI answers won’t magically appear at your doorstep. The best AI users have mastered the art of saving time, increasing productivity, generating ideas, and marketing strategies, and creating incredible graphics, videos, content, and copy. They know how to train ChatGPT for valuable outcomes, write in their own style, and fast-forward content creation, course creation, and copywriting, saving hours of work.

As a seasoned programmer with over 15 years of experience, Catherine has witnessed firsthand the power of automation in streamlining processes and yielding significant time and cost savings within corporations. Now, as an entrepreneur, she carries this invaluable knowledge with her, using AI-powered tools to fuel growth and success in her coaching business.

Entrepreneurship and Online Business Growth

Catherine’s entrepreneurial journey includes overcoming adversity such as surviving the bombing in ex-Yugoslavia, battling a life-threatening illness, dealing with infertility, and balancing work and motherhood. Discover how to build a sustainable business model and avoid common pitfalls that cause many businesses to fail. Learn about the importance of personal and employer branding in building a successful online business.

High Achievement and Personal Growth with LHM

Discover LHM – a dynamic system designed to increase emotional and intellectual capacity and achieve a balanced life. LHM features formulas and algorithms for emotional growth and IQ training, as well as associative memory processes. What sets LHM apart is that its algorithms are customized for each person, as no two individuals are the same. This makes LHM a personal guide that can help anyone, regardless of their situation.

Catherine has been featured on dozens of events, podcasts, blogs & media outlets around the world.

Here's just a small sampling of the excitement:

The Mith of Obstacles

Catherine's TEDx talk was ranked third at the event.

Everyone can relate to having obstacles in their lives. What if someone said they simply do not exist? Catherine B. Roy, an internationally recognized Personal Growth and Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author, tells us a personal riveting story about her perceived hardships and how she helped thousands of others realize their greatest human potential was right behind this self-limiting belief.

Catherine's TEDx talk


(WSYR-TV) — “May is International Victorious Woman Month, which celebrates the achievements of women in the business world and beyond. One woman, in particular, has made great strides in overcoming challenges to become a best-selling author and business/personal growth coach. That woman is Catherine B. Roy, who joined us via Zoom.”

Bridge Street, News Channel 9 WSYR-TV ABC

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Invite Catherine as a Guest Expert / Keynote Speaker on your Event, Conference, Summit, Podcast, Magazine etc.

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