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It is my pleasure to introduce you to my bestselling book, Live From Your Heart And Mind a self-improvement book that reveals the secrets, tools and techniques to the simplicity of connecting your heart and mind while achieving greater satisfaction and success in life. Achieving a balanced, happy and successful life by developing the emotional and intellectual potential of every human being and setting these in balance is the theme and main goal of this new, unique system.

My system consists of two major components: emotional and intellectual. The emotional part is based on unique and verified LHM formulas and LHM algorithms in the fields of balance, happiness, belief, overcoming obstacles, love, sadness, friendships, morale values, the power of thoughts and words, and peacefulness. The intellectual component successfully raises one’s mind and mental capacity through the application of associative memory techniques and LHM IQ training questions. It especially creates the foundation for activating long-term associative and functional learning. Reconfiguring emotions to embrace peace and harmony and raising mental capacity and creating balance between these two sides will allow every human being to recognize the extraordinary life they can live. And which each of us can actualize and achieve with the LHM system

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