Live from Your Heart and Mind

LHM System for Emotional and Intellectual Development

Hi, I am Catherine B. Roy , author of Live from Your Heart and Mind (LHM) System for emotional and intellectual development.

LHM is a system that reveals a completely dynamic new way of increasing emotional and intellectual capacity, and sets these inseparable entities in balance. Achieving a balanced, happy and successful life is the main goal of this new, unique and revolutionary system. LHM is based on completely new verified formulas and algorithms for emotional development as well as IQ training questions and associative memory processes for intellectual development.

One of the most important and beautiful things that separates LHM from other systems is the fact that LHM algorithms are created as a personal guide. There are no two same persons on this planet, and there will be no same solution. That is why LHM solutions are created to be suitable for anyone in a wide variety of situations and based on individual answers.

LHM SystemTM  for Emotional and Intellectual Growth is Catherine B. Roy’s signature program also presented in Catherine’s book named Live from Your Heart and Mind

Copyright by Catherine B. Roy. All Rights Reserved.


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