Bryant McGill

Founder of McGill Media, Simple Reminders Network, The Royal Society, The McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trustand; New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author, United Nations appointed Global Champion and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“Catherine B. Roy’s “Live from Your Heart and Mind” is an exceptionally researched step-by-step guide for improving your life through cultivating balance in your intellectual and emotional states. Catherine’s own personal journey, passion, and unique blend of science and spirituality as an integration thinker will help you discover, that when your heart and mind work together, you can live a fuller and more empowered life, than you ever imagined!”


Bestselling, Multi-Award Winning Author and Spiritual Healer

“I’ve known Catherine for a few years now and all I can say is that she continues to amaze me with all the extraordinary work she is currently advancing as part of her magnificent mission of service to the world. I love her determination and passion. So if you’re looking for a young and experienced leader that can help you on your path toward empowerment, Catherine is the one!”


CEO and Founder of S&A Marketing Agency

“Has Catherine B. Roy changed my life? Let me count the ways! 1. Confidence and knowledge. 2. Preparation and making right decisions. 3. Mastering every social network and online marketing. 4. Accountability and how to run an online biz and succeed at it. Honestly? Catherine and her LHM Academia is the best thing to happen in my life. I highly recommend it to everyone!”


Author of Gratitude and a Smile

“I don’t recall when, but at one point, my dear friend Catherine B. Roy contacted me and told me that she thought I could help her make Live from Your Heart and Mind better, to accomplish what LHM set out to do, to use our hearts and our minds to expand our love and our awareness of the divine beings that we are! I could sense Catherine’s essence and the conviction of her efforts and the one and true answer to give her was Yes!

LHM is a force for good, for love, to be a beacon, to help others, to expand love, spread kindness, to make our world a better place each and every day. I believe in Catherine B. Roy, her goals and aspirations and so I do with every fiber of my being, with all my heart and soul, pledge to do all that I can with my talents and abilities to help make her dream a reality! LHM has only just begun. The sky is the limit! Let us grow this Universe to a greater good. All done with LOVE!

LHM Academia is very impressive, it is Catherine’s area of expertise and she has a lot of knowledge to offer us who wish to match our unique service, product or concept with the business model to make it supremely successful!”


Professional writer, editor, poet & journalist; published Chicken Soup for the Soul author, screenplay writer and English tutor and writing coach

“I’ve known Catherine B. Roy for many years and know that she and her staff at the LHM Academia are amazing online business experts. Her master classes will teach you everything you need to know to set up and operate a successful online business. Here’s an opportunity for people everywhere to become their own boss, have their own business, achieve financial freedom and become a successful entrepreneur!

Catherine has written a phenomenal book and created an inimitable self-improvement system with Live from Your Heart and Mind. And it’s been my honor and privilege to work with her on this seminal project. A balance of superior intellect and genuine humility and compassion, Catherine is the real deal and sets an example for everyone to emulate and be inspired by. She is a professional colleague, fellow poet, deep thinker and philosopher, and a dear, true friend. And for this, I consider myself most fortunate and extremely blessed.”

Anna Pereira

Owner/CEO at Soul Ventures Corp, Founder of The Wellness Universe and Author of Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira

“Catherine has wisdom beyond her years! Don’t let this young captivating lady fool you… Her heart is filled with love and light and her services clearly reflect a genuine commitment to customer service and quality. Thank you Catherine for inspiring me!”


Founder of The Wellness Universe, Author of Sharing With Shari, Motivational Speaker, Life Inspirer and Vlogger

“Catherine gives her heart and mind with just one aim – to make our world a better place. Her wisdom and kindness are unique and I’m honored to work with her. She is an extremely professional and very accomplished businesses woman who develops great connection with everyone who is given the opportunity to work with her.”

Estelle Bonaceto 640×640

Coach, Counselor, Thai Boxing Instructor, Energy Healer and Author of Guided Transitions Healing and Box Your Way Fit

“It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Catherine and become acquainted with her work. She is a true example of what it means to be living in your light. From my very first contact with her it was clear to me that she embodies the messages she shares. Her compassion and sincere love of all beings are an almost tangible force. Masterful and deeply insightful, her messages are crucial not just for an individual’s success but for bringing forth a greater good on this planet. I am inspired by her work and believe that her continued growth will be benefiting all those who seek her service and beyond.”

Sheri Eckert 600 x 800

Author of Dear Human – Letters to Humanity, Professional Therapist, Life Transformation Specialist and Inspirational public Speaker

“Catherine B. Roy is an amazing human being helping others to understand the beauty of their existence and how to best find success in everyday living. She openly and authentically shares her wisdom, kindness and compassion with humanity. Catherine, without question, inspires and empowers all those who are blessed to be a part of her tribe. It’s my greatest honor to be her colleague and fellow champion for world well-being.”


“Catherine Roy is a beautiful woman, even know I have not known her for a long time it almost feels like we known eachother forever… Just experiencing her energy and drive has inspired me that there are still great and wonderful people in this world. I wish I knew 50 different languages to say „Thank you“ in because I don’t think one „Thank you“ is enough to describe how much I appreciate her. Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. I have never met a woman like Catherine before, but in a world where there were so many classy women it is easy to fall for the wrong person.

And let me not forget her Academia, oh my God… I just love the approachable format, and the fact that you can choose is what I really related to. When you click into any master class, you will get the whole study format but the choice is yours! And everything is made for YOU! Many people struggle to grab your attention using their talent behind the pages, but Catherine does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you arrive to her… She has mines.

The opportunity to meet with such a diverse type of people in my life has been invaluable but understanding Roy is like being with family; it doesn’t ever feel like ‘i’m some sort of person’. We all strive for excellence in our personal capacity, all my life its been what appeared to be a rollercoaster ride 7 years ago but when I am talking to her, everything is at a peace of mind. What makes Catherine stand out to me is that like her every woman has a stake in a friend’s success. She is very team-driven, and she operates in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. This woman offers an enjoyable, international atmosphere where you can really see results and progress every single day. For me it’s energizing to have a flexible, reliable person on my team, on my side and in heart but at most what catches my mind about her is she can move conversations ahead at a fast pace, without losing quality standards.

But in the future Catherine, I hope that we gaine valuable experiences together and have built up an equally valuable relationship for my peace of mind to yours… So in the end of it all, after talking to her for the first time, I feel as if I met a woman who I would have never crossed paths with if it wasn’t for her amazing personality.

Thank you Catherine, for your amazing life, mind and heart.”


Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Intuitive Life Guide. Author of Namaste Rays™ Reiki, Yoga & Intuitive Guidance

“Without ever having met Catherine in person, I sensed the beauty, compassion and love within her. Her soul shines brightly with sincerity in all she does. Her site is a beautiful extension of her beliefs about life, with suggestions and information to help you cultivate a happier, more balanced and loving life. To me, she is a light bearer, bringing light to all she touches helping you to shine your brilliant self by expanding your concept of living the life you love.”


Author of The Mad Hero’s Manifesto, Founder of The Phone Booth Project and Owner of Project YES!

“Catherine B. Roy is one of those rare and glorious souls who beams with truth and inspiration. By sharing her authentic vision and spirit through all her communications and connections, she indeed Lives through her Divine Heart and sharp, witty Mind and empowers countless fellow heroes along the way. I am blessed to Suit Up and Soar with this Xtraordinary Game-Changer of our time and cannot wait to see where her adventure will lead us all next. Up up up and away Catherine!”

Marie Fay

Global Thought Leader, Published Author at SRN.NET (Simple Reminders Network), Life Mentor/Speaker, Marie Fay Inspiration

“Catherine is an exceptional human being who brings a level of excellence to everything she does in life. Her beautiful energy permeates through every project that she is involved in and she is exceptionally dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us, and for future generations to come. Her writings come with a depth of wisdom that is beyond her years and she is someone that would be highly beneficial in any arena of life. I would highly recommend working with Catherine.”

Renae Sauter

College Professor, Lifecoach, Writing appears in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal Bestseller: Simple Reminders

“Catherine is a beautiful soul who is focused on making the world a better place. She has amazing networking skills, focus and persistence. Catherine would be a major asset to any job or writing project. Catherine is up to big things!”


Doctoral Researcher, Thought Leader, Philosopher, Motivational Speaker,Social Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author

“Catherine is a thought leader and a very dedicated and proficient author in the field of personal motivation and inspiration. Her works and entrepreneurial activities aim to improve humanity by inspiring people to become the best they can be. Her creativity and work ethic are of the highest professional standard and it is an honour to be connected to her.”

Tony Curl

CEO and Founder of The Coach Curl Academy, Think and Grow Business Coach, Coaching and Empowering Leaders, Thought Leader, Writer, Speaker, Life Mentor

“Catherine is a living example of “being the change you want to see in the world”. An accomplished author, writer and influential Thought Leader at SRN.NET (Simple Reminders Network) she motivate and inspires her clients and the community, by her wisdom and passion. I recommend Catherine as someone who will align your heart and your mind to fulfill your greatest potential.”

Sheila Willis 640×640

Certified Life Coach, Transformation Speaker, and Writer

“I’m impressed that a young woman possesses such wisdom. LHM is always encouraging and Catherine has a genuine heart for people. She’s a thoughtful person and shares her wisdom, love and light.”

Ofir Engel

Founder and CEO of Passion Show Records, Intern’t Performer/Songwriter/Actress

“Catherine B. Roy is a very accomplished businesses woman, author and artist. Her newest book, “Live from Your Heart and Mind” is just an astounding treatise on how to solve relationship and emotional problems and achieve a richer, fuller life that is full of happiness and success. Everyone should read it and everyone should try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”


“Catherine Roy deserves the title young leader in the world more than I can say. Always positive and caring for others. We need more people like her on this planet! She is renewing smart and will make you see things from a different angle. Proud to be a witness of her story!”


Professional journalist and photographer

“She is just gorgeous! When I first met her, I just know that she is a great person and that we’ll be good friends. Her honest, childish happiness and incredible life energy makes her sparkly and welcome in every sphere of my life. She brings smile on my face every time I think of her.”

Mat Veni

Author of Joy Reminder

“There is some unconditional love inside her. I remember the time when I mailed and wanted to reach hundreds of ‘personal development’ bloggers and Catherine was one of <5% who took time for me and she didn’t even know me before.What I love most at Catherine is that she speaks BOTH languages. The language of mind and the language of heart. Mind help us to understand and think, heart help us to feel and be spontaneous. Both are needed in the present world if we want to understand our life path and if we want to feel joy in every moment.She helps us to feel the joy and balance in moments we have, cause moment is all we have.”


“Live from Your Heart and Mind I’ve found is a wonderful place where we can express our views and beliefs while we are among friends. We all grow here together with thanks to all inspiration. We are handed our previous generation’s beliefs, but here we can try to shed light on humanity with LOVE and understanding. I can confirm and testify that I’ve found Live from Your Heart and Mind a foundation to explore and find new ideas in my search for my inner growth. I look at Live From Your Heart and Mind as a treasure trove in my quest for spiritual truth. I’ve found friends who understand me and can offer support and guidance, or just a friendly ear when needed. I’ve found here a place to understand my own growing awareness of the differing levels of understanding of consciousness. It’s important to understand at which levels our friends are working from as here we all help each other in our growth and it’s great to know that even if I share key concepts of universal laws there is someone who will understand me. I am very thankful to Catherine B. Roy and LHM team for this beautiful creation they are making. Thank you Catherine, you have given a great service to humanity and the Heavens. Love you.”

Dean A. Banks, D.D.

“Catherine is a brilliant writer and caring person who shares her wisdom with others. I was so impressed with her work I featured her in Issue #16 of The Spirituality Post.”


Author of Singing From Your Heart

“LHM is such a wonderfully inspiring platform and with its fabulous posts and shares truly does remind you how to live from your heart and mind every single day. Thank you so much Catherine.”


“If you ever feel like you miss something, just come to visit LHM and you will find love that you need. Thank you, Catherine for existing and for helping our souls with your deep and sensitive emotions.”


Spiritual Harpist and Author of Amy Camie Harpist

“Love this inspiring “Live from Your Heart and Mind” by Catherine B. Roy that connects hearts, minds, communities and the world!”


“LHM is a loving community with wonderful people. Catherine is doing a great job and everything she does inspires us all. Keep doing what you do. Your team is awesome. More power and blessings to you and LHM.”


Human Potential Thought Leader, Author of Holistic Pathfinders. With Julia.

“Catherine is an incredible person. She has created something very special with LHM and I feel so grateful to be part of it. Catherine’s LHM is beautiful, inspiring and loaded with wisdom!”

Janice Wayne

Human Potential Thought Leader, Author of Yours Mine and Ours Memory Box

“I visit and love Catherine’s LHM daily. It brings me love, joy and gratitude.”

Jacqueline Conroy

Counselling Psychological Therapy and Recovery Coach, Author of Jacqueline Conroy Talking Therapies, Founder of Jacqueline Conroy Academy

“Catherine has an amazing grasp on the integration of the heart and the mind’s wisdom. Her special LHM platform is always inspiring. “


Author of Light and Love Inspirtions

“Live from Your Heart and Mind is a truly wonderful platform, filled with inspiration and hope. Catherine has created a platform of beauty with motivation and uplifting words for all her followers.”


CEO/Owner and Founder at Leanne Olstad – Transcending Phoenix

“I enjoy “Live from Your Heart and Mind” for the inspiration and positivity. Thank you for uplifting my spirit!”


“Beautiful “Live from Your Heart and Mind” created by a beautiful soul, Catherine B. Roy. I am so inspired by her beautiful writings, solely written from her heart with so much of love which she puts into her work.”