Parenting Summit: Supporting Confident, Resilient, and Purpose-Driven Teens


Catherine B. Roy was featured as an expert speaker at Wholehearted Parenting Summit hosted by Deanne Barrett.

Teens today are under SO much pressure! (and so are their parents)

Teens today are expected to get top grades in high school and do everything they can to have the competitive edge to get into a great college, so they can have a successful career…and parents are supposed to help get them there.

With these sky-high expectations, failure is not an option, and all the “successful” people we see 24/7 in our digital world reminds us that that we never measure up. Rates of teen anxiety, depression and suicide are rising, and parents are wondering how to keep their teens healthy, safe, and on track.

Just when we’ve figured out how to parent our teens they hit a new challenge, and we’re feeling just as confused and uncertain as they are.
How to support confident, resilient and purpose-driven teen? How to be responsive to your teen, not reactive? How to trust your intuition about how to best parent your teen (despite what all your friends and family are telling you)? How to powerfully connect with your teen? How to reinvent your relationship with your teen as they grow into adults?
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