Love Yourself First! – Viral Post

Catherine B. Roy’s popular relationship quotation has gone viral. In just seven short hours it collected over 15,000 likes and 5,000 shares on Facebook, and thousands more on several other posted sites. As of March 1, 2016, her meme achieved over 30,000 likes, several thousand comments and over 8,500 shares on FB. And it continues to climb and reach the stratosphere with over 1,000,000 likes after 12 hours!

Among luminaries, Catherine’s post has been shared by Shawne Duperon (at ProjectForgive) who is a six-time EMMY® winning media coach and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize!

This is the original source of the post: Check it out and leave a like and your thoughts on the profound message Catherine has delivered and continues to be delivered throughout Facebook and Cyberspace!

As it is, the original post/meme was created by Sarah M Capehart. She is a fellow member of The Royal Society  created by Bryant McGill and Jenni Young.

Bryant and Jenni are also founders of the very popular website Simple Reminders, which everyone should experience.

Exactly what happened with Catherine’s now famous meme is this: She created a video and posted it to The Royal Society group. It got posted to SRN where Sarah saw it and took Catherine’s most profound words and made a meme. Simple Reminders, Bryant McGill and Jenni Young shared Sarah’s meme. And magic happened!

Catherine’s quote is now a popular phenomenon. And just how viral it will become, only time will tell. Come visit Catherine’s meme when you get a chance, and visit and join her on her remarkable Facebook page Live from Your Heart and Mind.

Everyone is having a blast. Come join in the positivity and festivities!