Midlife Mastery Summit


Catherine B. Roy was featured as an expert speaker at Midlife Mastery Summit hosted by Mike Picone.

„I am feeling GRATEFUL to have the PLEASURE to introduce our first expert of the day, Catherine B. Roy. Our shared passion for EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS made this interview a SPECIAL treat for me! After being diagnosed with 1 1/2 years left to live from a serious virus, Catherine went to Monastery, got miraculously healed, and became spiritually ignited! She then started to have information DOWNLOADED from Spirit that eventually turned into her best-selling book: Live from Your Heart and Mind, which is all about tapping into our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. What exactly does this mean? And how can we do this? Watch today’s video to find out folks!

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Catherine’s new book, Live from Your Heart and Mind got BEST-SELLING status in just few HOURS! Simply mind-blowing! She is AWESOME in offering us the first 3 chapters of her book as her free gift! Strap in and get ready to take a quantum leap in consciousness. Click here to get your copy now! ​​​​​​​“ – Michael Picone.