Unleashing The Power of Your Heart and Mind

Trust yourself. No one knows what is best for you. Only the one and only YOU!

– Catherine B. Roy

The unified consciousness of the heart and mind is a natural state that the modern world has long since lost and rarely recognizes due to the hectic background noise of modern society. Constant distractions from not only technology but also the demands of modern life, the structure of society’s ingrained belief and control systems have shifted focus to a material consciousness.

Heart consciousness exists

With so many distractions and disturbances available few can truly feel or connect fully with their intuitive self and their heart consciousness. Your heart consciousness is essential for your spiritual and emotion well being. Being aware that the heart consciousness does exist, then by taking the first steps to connect, enlivening the intuition and the heart and mind connection are the first steps to making life more wondrous.

Heart power

By bringing ‘Heart Power’ more to the fore in daily life you can learn to accentuate the capabilities of your heart consciousness, thereby gaining better control over your environment, including how the environment interacts with you. Using the Heart’s abilities you can utilize the power within your heart to control more effectively your external world than is possible with only the mind.

The power of the heart with the power of the mind

Therefore, combining the Power of The Heart with the Power of Your Mind to create your reality gives you tremendous capabilities within the creative process. With the unlimited Power of The Heart and Mind combination it become possible to control not only yourself but also external influences that have the potential to impact you in many ways. A Mind with the Heart unified overcomes the illusion of separation and sees the connection in all things.

Heart centered living

There are many who don’t pay the slightest attention to their heart’s consciousness, or the true extent of the functions it fully plays in the in the body’s thought processes. Modern life and education are almost completely devoid of heart intelligence. When people are disconnected from the Heart’s innate wisdom of Love-based thinking, the ego-based intellect takes over, and then reverts to a survival-mentality based on fear. The solution is to move out of the fear-based mental state that you have been taught to live by, and move into the consciousness of Heart Centered living.

The heart emotions are quite different from those of the mind by virtue of the fact that the mind is governed by logic and assumptions, past experiences, pride and ego, that have mostly been instilled and built up, being firmly established over time based upon societies norms and institutional education. The heart felt emotions are positive and pure, in many ways capable of driving reality through the creation of your desires within reality through belief, persistence and courage.

What troubles the mind can be calmed by the heart;

material consciousness that the mind is trained to deal with becomes less focused on outer influences or disruptive elements when the heart consciousness is in play.

Getting the heart, mind and spirit to be in a constant state of unison does take a coordinated effort, especially when it becomes necessary to eliminate, negate or limit external impacts. Building up an automatic resistance does occur over time as the connectivity between the various conscious states is strengthened and fully activated. The old adage, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, could never be more true once the united states of consciousness are enlivened and maintained at an optimum level; then the general outlook on life changes, as do attitudes to what occurs; including the improved quality of interactions with others.

Clear concept

The detailed analytical and imaginative processes of the mind in conjunction with the intuitive abilities, belief and desire of the heart can form a concept that is clear as to what will come to fruition and in what manner. In turn the courage of the heart consciousness supported by positive intuitive feeling can support the mind’s will power to overcome a risk aversion that may plague some process from being able to progress smoothly.

Always listen to the heart,

those intuitive messages that the heart consciousness has acquired from the environment as energy frequencies, then translated them into meaning that the mind can interpret in order to make choices and decisions on what is the best response to follow or course of action to take.

The mind will try to dictate most situations, filling them with potential complications that may adjust true facts or over complicate what should be in truth quite simple; perhaps creating a mood of worry were non should exist. Over complicating some decisions or requirements dictated by a situation is a specialty of the mind.

Mind based consciousness

Living in a mind based consciousness is one filled with issues that are made to be more complexed than they actually are, that can in some cases can make reality too convoluted; facts being mixed with assumptions, unrealistic expectations and ridiculous scenarios that are created solely within the mind, enabling them to become seemingly real.

If the mind is in sole control, then without a lot of self determination, linked to a strong will and decisiveness will make any situation less easy to tackle or resolve. Any situation will always take more focused energy to resolve if filled with illusions, day dreams of a restless mind, or the mind creating then running through the imaginary over complications of either the current situation or linking what is with some occurrence that has already happened and should be let go, or a reference to a present or an assumed distant future scenario that is spun out of all actual context.

Heart based living

allows the heart to bring sensibility, a focus on actual factual information, or the calmness to wait until something happens then take action on what is actual rather than an over-spun assumption that can become a burden rather than a benefit when managing or overcoming some life issue.

The heart consciousness is not intrusive like that of the mind, it doesn’t interrupt with mostly unproductive constant ramblings. The intuitive senses and important messages from the heart are many times overridden with surface noise that is of no consequence; ranting internalized dialogues of the mind and external clatter of the world. Bits and bats of nonsense seem to take control of thought if not vigilant, most of which has little or no lasting value, relevance or consequence.

It is through the purposeful focus on the heart messages, giving them focused credibility, considering them as the basis for action that the heart consciousness is gradually awakened and becomes more actively prominent. While the intuition of the heart is not a replacement for logic, imagination and focus or other thought processes of the mind; when incorporated in tandem then the heart and mind do provide more valuable input.

Train your mind

Training the mind to use the intuitive thoughts and messages from the heart consciousness as part of the formation of any thought process will always enhance any result the mind alone could create. Allow the heart to increase its presence and impact on the thought process by mentally focusing on a unified connection of the heart and mind system.