LHM Success Formula

BY Catherine B. Roy


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

~Winston Churchill

We are the consequence of our past and at the same time the cause of our future.

This means that right now we are creating our future with every thought and with our every action. Let’s see how.

We all accomplish goals in our personal life, in school and on job. So I have a question for you: “Whose goals?” Are these really our goals or are they imposed upon us? For how do you explain that 2% of the population has nearly 90% of the wealth in the world? This is a well-known fact, of course. So another question comes to mind: are you among them?

Well then, now when we have come to realize this, I just have to say: Set your own goals and act to accomplish them or someone else will hire you to accomplish theirs! Be the part of the 2%!

It doesn’t matter where we are coming from. The only thing that matters is where are we going? Do you know where you are going? Do you really, exactly know your way?

Decision is just the first step, but actions are every step after that first one.

Do you know the story about the three frogs that are standing beside a lake and then one frog decides to jump? How many frogs are now beside the lake?

Three. For one frog decided to jump, but it didn’t jump!

You can learn verified practical techniques for your own mind or emotional development and to further your intellectual skills, management tools, problem solving, etc. The Internet is full of instructors and instructions. Books about self-development are all around us. But why do many of them not work?

Because the most important thing is missing:
Until it is explicitly clear where exactly we should apply these techniques, upon our own goals or the goals of our boss, spouse, children, and what is imposed upon our own, how can we know we are on the right track?

So, if you ask yourself why you are not satisfied? First answer this: Have you set your own goals? And if you did, what are you doing to accomplish them? Because, it is not just a place where success lives, it is also a place where satisfaction lives! Do you want to be successful and satisfied? If you do then first thing that you must do is to set your goals. But, very important is to recognize that you are going to set the right ones. Because if you set some goals, no matter how well you do it, it is not the right way if the goals are wrong. Am I right?

LHM Success Formula

S – “Set your own goals.”
U – “U are the only one who knows what is best for yourself. Find it IN you.”
C – “Create your own peace and find out what are your desires.”
C – “Create an action plan, set time limit and do it! Reach it! Live it!”
E – “Excellence exists in you. Be the excellence.”
S – “Sense your feelings and listen to them. Do whatever it takes to feel good.”
S – “Stick to it. Act. Do it! If you fail, do it again and again. Try and try and try. No one has succeeded something big in the first attempt.”