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LINKEDIN MASTERY MASTER CLASS SERIES – 2 Video Master Classes (priced $347) + 4 Custom Made 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Business Strategy/Business Model Canvas (BMC) Plus Editable Workbook

THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS! Without this, you’re guessing and “working in the dark”. In most cases, you will struggle and fail. If you do this correctly from the start, you will be amazed with the transformation! I hold a Master’s Degree in Economics (Business, Marketing and Information Systems). This is my specialty area. Let’s do this right! I will analyze with you your business model canvas and suggest improvements. If you don’t have one, we will create it together. We will set your customer segment, unique value proposition, relationships between customer segment and value proposition, revenue streams, needed activities, potential partners, and cost structure as well as your unique MVP. I will show you how to identify your ideal client avatar using concrete survey and not guesswork. This is the cause of failure in more than 80% of cases. I will share with you my survey used in practice with all questions we ask our potential clients. This is vital for positioning your business strategy correctly and strategically. It will show you the way to ask questions to obtain real answers in order to discover and to set your ideal client avatar in detail, which tools to use to collect answers, and how to analyze those answers. You will also learn what to do with these answers and how to use them to your advantage. We will create your signature program that will give people exactly what they need, so it seems like you are “reading their minds”! All of this means the ultimate in business success and unlimited passive income for you!

LinkedIn Accelerator and Content Strategy

As a web developer, I can see behind the scenes of social media. I understand algorithms and see them differently than marketers or social media administrators. This brings in a whole new perspective that will be a complete game changer. I will analyze your LinkedIn presence and we will create a strategy together. I will show you everything you need to know about the social media game on LinkedIn, what is behind it, and how it really works. I will show you how to make LinkedIn perform to your advantage and transform you from being simply a user to a high impact profit maker! We will transform your business model canvas into powerful LinkedIn profile and you will learn everything there is to know about using LinkedIn as an incredible presentation and sales channel. What is the best time to post? What kind of content works the best? How can you market your product or service without spending tons of money on advertisement? We will explore in detail about following base, reach, engagement, and conversion. I am going to reveal my proven and time-tested strategies on how to create a reputation brand that will catapult you and your service, product, or signature program to the top of the success ladder in order to start generating a huge impact and profit!

Marketing Messaging Clarifier Plus Editable Workbook

Next to business strategy, this is CRUCIAL for your success! I will show you how to create messaging with confidence so that people actually understand. The result is that you will inspire more sales! This is literally the difference between amateur messaging and PROFESSIONAL company-style positioning and messaging. We will create and launch “Your Super Hero Story”, the one that is already inside of you so that it actually does the selling for you. You’ll learn how to create instant connection so that you can influence people faster than ever before. We will go step-by-step utilizing a professional company-style positioning and messaging in seven easy steps. You will learn how to use “Powerful Video Formula”: what you need to say and how to write a script that will capture and convert your video watchers into your clients. I will guide you through the process of creating a script (you will get my own personal script to use as an example) and what kind of videos you will need, how to “connect” those videos in a process we will use for autopilot, thereby generating a huge impact and passive income. I will also share with you my own website video script.


Build a business that has huge impact and that can serve clients all over the world! This will enable you to free up your own schedule! Stop trading your time for money. I will show you how you can set up an autopilot which will present and sell your service, product, or signature program even while you sleep! I will show you how to create content for your LinkedIn that grows your network. I will share with you my EXACT scripts and advanced secrets to know exactly what to say and what to write. From now on, all of your marketing will become so much easier and 100% more effective. I will show you MY STEP-BY-STEP guide for designing and creating a Powerful System! This is the perfect way to establish your lead generation channels and how to apply the process so that you are perceived as a REAL EXPERT. You will never sound “salesy” or pushy ever again. People need to know about your service, product, or signature program! I will show you how to do theat one THE BEST BUSINESS NETWORK IN EXISTANCE — LINKEDIN!

Catherine’s Direct Support/Engagement

Interview and promotion on Catherine’s networks (>150K)

Closed Facebook Group (Expert Interviews, Ask Catherine Feature, Collaboration, Networking)

Live Interview in a Closed Facebook Group!

How to get on Podcasts — Exact Steps

2 Video Master Classes

2 Editable Workbooks (181 pages)

Private LinkedIn Support and Collaboration Group

Private LinkedIn Engagement Group

SPECIAL BONUS: Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies eBook


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