My Divine Message to Change Your Life


I know a secret that I don’t keep to myself. It is a secret that we ignore, avoid, make up excuses to not acknowledge… The secret is …

Joy, abundance and full on loving life is directly connected to stepping into your light and living with full acceptance of yourself and in truth to you heart. — Anna Pereira

We may say ‘I am’ yet find unhappiness all around. We may say ‘easier said than done’ and do not take the courageous steps toward aligning with what our heart tells us.

If you continue to ignore what is in your heart, it is like not watering a flower, that voice will die. Is that ok? You will become numb and not much matters anymore. Why should I care? Because I know you are worthy of love, a joy filled life and abundance! My wish is for you to BE the example for others.

It’s NOT easy.

The older you get, the harder it becomes. It’s not a smooth road, emotionally it is sometimes much worse to begin the journey than where you are right now.

It is not cheap. Sometimes, to listen to your heart, you have to completely let go, change and overhaul your life as you know it.

It can and has been done…. By every single one of us.

What makes anyone’s success story ‘the exception’ to your story? No human is born with super powers, and you weren’t in line the day they were giving them out, I assure you. In fact, I bet if you read some inspiring stories from some rather courageous people you might say … ‘Oh, that is pretty rough, I don’t think I could have done what they did.’ But yet we make excuses to not step into our light.

What is stopping you?

Can it be worse than what it is now? Possibly. I can also assure you, that is just temporary.

If nothing changes, nothing will ever change.

  • You are alive.
  • You can fight.
  • You can take one step toward your authentic life and purpose. Tomorrow is a new day.

Hope. Hope is the foundation and just keep looking into your self.

I have been inspired by the many techniques I have heard: meditation, prayer, long walks or jogs to standing in front of the mirror looking deep into your own eyes…. Can you lie to yourself then? I think this is one of the best things I have heard. Because when we face ourselves, how can we look into our own eyes and cheat us?

  • The world needs you.
  • The world needs the you that was the purpose of your birthright, to BE.
  • You came here for a reason. It calls you, just as the bud calls the rose to emerge.
  • Have courage. Have a plan. Have faith. Take action.

As insignificant as it sounds, you can start with speaking out loud your intentions. You can start taking actions like saving a dollar a day or swapping a bad habit for something positive. Cut down on smoking, take that money and start saving it, for example to help fund your ‘action’ towards your goal.

Educate yourself.

Find out all you can. If you are reading this, you have the internet… DO YOU KNOW HOW EMPOWERING THAT IS? You have access to wisdom, information and tools 24/7 to help you move towards your goals.

Step into your light and be all you know you are worthy of. You are worthy. You are amazing. You are so very special and that is YOUR GIFT to the world.

Sending you many blessings, courageous one!