Make Space to Grow and Expand

Change means growth. Change for yourself, otherwise you will experience the same again. — Catherine B. Roy

Feeling Contracted?

When I was young I imagined what it would look like to be an adult, to have a career and a fulfilling life. My young vision included a view of myself with a professional job, material things and a network of many acquaintances and friends. There was a time I had these things and more, but still did not have the feeling of peace and fulfillment. There were many reasons for this, but most significantly it was because I’d failed to make space for my growth. By choosing to stay in situations, relationships and environments that kept me small I came to experience lower vibrations (negative emotions from myself and others) on a regular basis. A cycle such as this is narrowing and feels contracted; a sure signal that change, the ‘making of space’, needs to happen for growth to occur.2635

Less Is More: A Desire For Simplicity.

Reflect on what you’ve desired and what you’ve brought into your experience. Has it brought you joy? Peace? New awareness and opportunity? Or have the very things you’ve desired actually brought forth complications, drama and a block to the flow of your life force energy? As I reflect on my evolution, there are common threads between those changes that have resulted in positive growth and expansion. Specifically, by creating space outwardly within my physical environment, inwardly within my mind and practically within the use of my time and attention I have made significant shifts in personal growth and expansion.

What Making Space Looks Like: Personal Items.

Less stuff more peace, has become my mantra and with each “clearing” I feel greater liberation. More and more I cannot deny the desire for fewer ‘things’. My attachments to nostalgic items, books, memorabilia and the “what if I need it later extras” has become less and less and instead it’s been replaced with a general intolerance of any infringements by unnecessary items on my living space.

One simple example

A younger self would pack for the unexpected, for different weather scenarios and for different occasions. Depending on length of time away, this would often leave me with multiple bags to carry and added difficulty with finding important items on the fly. In my attempt to be ready, I often inadvertently brought much of what I didn’t need while also still forgetting that which I most needed. Prompted by conversations with and observations of homeless veterans, I came to see value in bringing just the essentials. I started to think about what it was that I most needed and deliberately chose items that had a built-in ‘versatility”. One such item, a brown designer skirt that was never intended for outdoor adventures, has long since been my staple clothing item.  It has traveled well, attending professional events, polar caves, weddings and even worked out nicely for general gardening. It is entirely possible to use one item for many things and the simplicity of it is liberating.

Transferring this approach

to my belongings in general, I have discovered a few dishes, a few good books and I never dreamed possible, but a COUPLE of shoes actually makes my life fuller and more enjoyable instead of in the reverse.

What Making Space Looks Like: (Inwardly) Making Choices About What Effects Your Inner Life.

The desire to ‘make space’ has not been limited to my physical environment, but also to my inner world and a new wish to guard my inner life has come upon me fiercely. Over the past 10 years or more, my tolerance for exposure to media, radio and news, has lessened. Much to the dismay of those whose routine involves a regular check in on news broadcasts, I will not watch the news because of the energetic effect it has on my inner life. Some may say, “how then can you know what is going on in the world” and to that I must reply, that there are other ways of “knowing”. I have made a conscious choice about how I will let information in, this makes space for a higher truth. The truth for me is that I am very sensitive to the vibrations of others, not just in my immediate surroundings but of the vibrations across the globe. I am acutely aware of the suffering of others without direct media sources and so are many of you, although you may not know it.

Setting healthy boundaries

A life area that is most important to our growth and expansion are our relationships with other people and the decisions we make about who we allow in our lives will have a direct impact on whether we expand or contract. Toxic relationships are those relationships that bring drama, discord and consistently take one to lower vibrations. Setting healthy boundaries between yourself and those who consistently ‘toxify’ your inner life open you up to healthier vibrations; making space inwardly to experience the present moment without worry, anxiety or fear. In a similar way, some seemingly benign relationships may be more caustic than you realize, as conversations focused on sensational news headlines and gossip can clutter the mind, bring in lower vibrations and make it difficult to stay cognitively present.

Keeping It Simple ‘Makes Space’ For Greater Expansion.

Keeping it simple, means deliberately choosing what we will or will not allow into our experience, so that we may enjoy more mental freedom and increases in our ability to stay present. In this space, our inner voice is clear. Connected to the physiological promptings of awareness that come from our core being we are best equipped to trust what is inwardly true. This inner awareness then expands to an understanding of greater connectedness to that which is outside of us. These are not new concepts. For centuries various schools of thought have emphasized the importance of simplicity; however, these practices have evolved slowly overtime for me and are circular in nature. That is, the more I simplify the more I grow and the more I grow the more I simplify.

Growth allows for increases in awareness, acceptance and a ‘letting in’ of the greater.

Make the space, by letting go of attachments to things, old ways and that which impedes your natural flow of life force energy and watch how your world shifts and EXPANDS!