LHM IQ Training Questions

Let’s have fun!

LHM is a dynamic system specially written and designed to create and establish a bridge between our emotional and intellectual side. And create a balance and prosperous union between the two on very interesting and fun way. Emotional side is partly presented in LHM Formulas and Intellectual side will partly be presented in IQ Training Questions.

LHM IQ training questions are specially made to increase brain capacity by changing the way we think. When you learn this way of thinking, there is a higher chance that you will never forget these facts. This way you will activate your brain capacity on a higher level and it will help you in your professional and private life. Because if you learn to train your brain and develop its speed and associative thinking, you will be better in every situation, and with learning, problem solving, organizing and time management. And if you use all of it while standing on healthy emotional ground (developed with the LHM formulas and LHM algorithms), there will be no limit for you!

Some of these questions are fun, some are hiding scientific or interesting facts. Of course, we can discuss each one of them as my friends did with me, since they didn’t know important facts and could not solve the questions at first. But the aim of these questions isn’t to test your knowledge. The goal is for you to “get out of the box” and find new ways of thinking and activate your brain so that it can grow and develop further. But remember to have fun! Enjoy! And play this game with your friends. You can also make up your own questions. And make easier questions for your children. Until the age of three, children have almost 100% of their brain activated. Then, as they grow, if their brain is not trained, that % goes down until they become grownups.

Are you ready?