Let it Go

There is great freedom to be found when you finally let it go. – Sheri Eckert

Dear Human,

Let it go. Without a thought. Without a word. Just let it go.Let go of fear. Let go of judgment. Let go of every speculation swimming around inside your mind. Let go of excuses. Let go of what others think. Just let it go.

Let go

Let go of people’s voices telling you what to do. Let go of negativity. Let go of lingering pain you’re holding on to. Let go of the damnation of yourself into your own hell. Just let it go.

Let go of frustration. Let go of the stressors that keep you paralyzed. Let go of ill tempers. Let go of all lies.

Just let it go

Let go of anxiety that holds you back. Let go of painful memories keeping you from moving forward.
Don’t ask your mother for advice. Don’t call your friends. You don’t need a guru. You don’t need a process. You don’t need a self-help book. Deep down inside you already know. Just let it go.

No one will say thank you. There will be no “well done’s”. No cards of congratulation will be in the mail. It doesn’t matter. Shed your shell and just let it go.

In that place of letting go, a river of peace will begin to flow

Like a snow flake falling effortlessly. Like a leaf floating to the ground. Freedom comes and no one hears a sound.

Yet in your heart you’ll feel the change that only you can know. All because you chose to finally let it go.