Healing Yourself–Healing Others

Healing yourself is connected with healing others. — Yoko Ono

What is Healing?

We can only bring healing to others by healing ourselves. The process of healing ourselves begins with a realisation that we have a problem that needs to be dealt with. From my experience, I have observed that this realisation or awakening usually comes in a variety of forms but the most effective is when we have undergone some very tragic event in our lives which may invariably have cost us either our sanity or even our life itself. The emergence of this tragedy is a cumulation of our resistance to the voice of our soul.

My own personal example

is rooted in my running away from who I really was on the inside, in order to fit into what society deemed to be an acceptable persona. Not knowing who we really are, and not embracing our authentic selves is at the root of majority our sufferings on earth, and the more we distance ourselves from the core of our soul, the more the damage we do to our being.

Life has a way of punishing us

I have also observed that life has a way of punishing us severely for disobeying our spirit and following the world; life served me with many trials and temptations in the dark days of my past. We seek for happiness, love and pleasure in things, places and people, never realising that all we seek exists inside us and has been there before we were born. We stumble from one failed relationship to another in our search for love not knowing that the premise for attracting true love is by first learning to love yourself.

But are we to blame when the world never taught us the truth in the first place?

We had to learn through very painful and hard experiences. When your life has crumbled into depression, and when death comes knocking at our door or when destruction stares us in the face, we wake up to our call and finally realise that we had been lost all along. Some people unfortunately give up hope and sink further into depression while others muster their last strength from their remnants of hope and begin the process of resurrection.

The process of discovering who we really are,

and our purpose on this earth is what I refer to as the process of spiritual healing. The wounds that we suffered during our sojourn in the land of the lost are the dark experiences that we endured in the hands of unconscious people and incompatible places. These experiences and the lessons we learned from them form the basis of our life story but the way and manner in which we tell this story to ourselves and to others is a fundamental determinant of our rate of recovery.

Self Healing

Healing ourselves truly begins when we make a final decision to surrender to the voice of our soul; this is when we have decided to permanently let go of our former identity of who we thought we were supposed to be. The healing process is an inside job but the outcome is expressed both internally in the form of inner peace and externally in the form of access to an abundance of love and material possessions if you wish. The transformation is apparent as everything around you begins to evolve into the needed tools and paraphernalia for your mission. Identifying with your inner greatness does not mean that you will not face challenges but those challenges can now be faced with courage and belief rather than fear and shame. The process of self healing involves so many things, so we must take our time if the medication is to penetrate deep into the sores of our wounds.

Healing is painful

because we have to let go of people, places and things that no longer serve our interest. These connections, which are most likely already addictive and part of our subconscious, are difficult to dissociate from our system; it takes a very long time and is very painful to the soul. We must drop all old habits and indulge in a healthy lifestyle that will be beneficial for our mind, body and soul. We will be tempted to go back to our comfort zone but we must resist this unholy affinity. To succeed, we must surround ourselves with people that are headed to the same destination as we are. We must forgive ourselves for the harm we did to ourselves in the past and forgive those who harmed us when we were defenceless. Sometimes life can be cruel and put us in situations which are not under our control; sometimes life exposes to harm and abuse when we were nothing but innocent infants.

We must forgive life

for taking us through those harrowing experiences. Forgiveness is the most important medication in our healing bag of medicine; it takes the load off our chest and disposes of unnecessary baggage that we do not need for our journey. If we must go far in this life, then we must travel light, which implies that we must forgive everything and everybody in our past. Free yourself of the mental shackles of your past and then turn your story around. The meanings that we give to the events of our past are what lock us down in self-doubt; we can change this story today.

Healing Others

Bringing healing to others does not mean that we can heal anybody. Everybody has a responsibility to heal themselves. The only thing that we can do is provide reminders to people who are willing to change and hope that the light that emanates from our beauty ignites their soul to believe in themselves. Nobody will change until they are ready to change; the people that will benefit from our healing stories are those that are already in the process of their own self healing. We can help to heal others by communicating our own process of healing but remember that you must feel that you must be completely healed before you can help others. We communicate through our writings, voices, and images which all tell truthful stories of our past, present and future.

The negative stories of our past must be transformed to positive stories

And then the lessons that we learned need to extracted and analysed properly in deep reflection if they are to serve their true healing purpose in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Everything we have gone through in life has brought to us to where we are. All the pain and trauma are necessary for our healing; they are the source of our strength and courage. Our miseries contain very potent lessons of survival and our traumas are reservoirs of wisdom.

The profit that we make from our suffering is what is needed to spark a revival in the lives of others.

When we learn to love ourselves, the truths that we tell about ourselves and about our experiences will ignite the light in someone else’s darkness. Kindness is the purest form of intelligence and love is the greatest wisdom; all healing is a product of love. Love is the foundation of the world and everything within. The healing process seems to be an eternal phenomenon with no end in sight. The more we heal, the more our light shines brighter. The brighter our light shines, the greater the probability that a wounded soul will feel this light and hopefully initiate or advance their healing process.

Love heals all wounds. You are love and light.