Dare to Be Authentic

We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead. — Roy T. Bennett

Like the lotus growing in the mud, we as spiritual beings having a human experience, have encountered the depths of life’s matter. Humanity is counting on our voice and our authenticity. The earth plane continues to shift from fear to love. We are called to reach within. Let yourself open, allow your spirit to soar, speak from the heart and live your life unmasked.

Sense the world through your feelings

Prior to conditioning of the earth plane we sensed the world through our feelings however they appealed to us. Through each phase of development we grew conditioned to the outside world. Our voice became softer, our feelings unspoken, and the masks proclaimed our identity.

Stand up in truth

The children of society are caught in this web and they are often searching for their voice however drowning without the words to speak. We can guide them and model for them as we stand up in truth. Sara Bareilles song BRAVE empowers this motion.

The power is within all of us to shine and share our light

Connect to your emotions and feel with the heart. Every individual can soar and live the life of their dreams. Honor your worth. You Matter!!!

The spiritual journey leads us to find our truth and it is rewarding to be different, to be honest and real. There is no longer a need to hide. Freedom begins when we can be true to ourselves. As we are free our own healing deepens as thus the world, Let us dig deep in the mud so we can flower others through their journey.

Blessings Dawn Stevens