Steffi Black

As a life/career coach, and founder of women’s virtual networking group, Connection Corner, Steffi’s dharma is to help empower women in transition and young people at a crossroads. Through her #spreadthekindness message, she creates kindness workshops for schools, including a monthly curriculum plan and Keynote presentations for companies on Why Kindness Matters Today: How planning to incorporate kindness in the workplace creates powerful and positive change. She aims to create #spreadthekindness workplaces in Canada and abroad. To check out her positive message or book her for speaking engagement, you can check out her site: Featured Author in Ready, Aim, Thrive – Amazon best seller on Discovering How To Flourish and Prosper from Today from experts, and featured author in ‘My Creative Thoughts.’ …..thank you wise and wonderful Catherine – keep spreading your message – the world needs it more than ever.