Michelle Korenfeld

Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator. She has developed her own interdisciplinary method of fostering creative thinking helping children have confidence throughout years of practice. Her mission is to provide tools for raising children towards fulfilling their individual creative potentials on www.RaisingCreativeThinkers.com. She believes parents and teachers should take an active role supporting creativity, and education leaders should incorporate creative thinking into their systems. Creative Children Like the Animals of the World is her interactive activity book for stimulating curious and talented children. It consists of humorous animal stories and poems based on facts of nature. It is a tool for helping children discover about the world around them and the world within them, encouraging them to reach higher. The book is child friendly and is designed to make kids eager to add their own colorings, drawings and written ideas. Kindle users can download its coloring pages on www.RaisingCreativeThinkers.com.