Don Shapiro

Don Shapiro is the author of “Life Is a Fork In The Road”, a book he is writing on Facebook about how to make better choices and follow our inner wisdom to guide our journey through life. For the last six years, he has enjoyed the most amazing conversations with people around the world about the choices they’ve made. Don combined his personal experiences with these conversations so he could share wise, pragmatic and down-to-earth insights that have helped thousands of people to make better sense of life twists, turns and surprises. A curious nature, a passion for uncovering why things happen, a creative spirit and an inner wisdom that won’t stop talking, have driven Don Shapiro throughout his life. Sometimes it’s driven other people crazy (but that’s a story for another day!). Don is known for his high energy, and enthusiastic and caring ways, blended with his ability to listen deeply and sense what is really happening in people’s lives. While Life Is a Fork In The Road is not yet finished, Don will soon release a short book on how to improve our chances at finding and sustaining a relationship that lasts a lifetime. He is also working on other short books that touch on the major choices in life from his unique and pragmatic way of seeing the world. Don Shapiro is also a co-author of The Character-Based Leader, runs a research project called The Leadership Initiative and is President and founder of First Concepts Consultants, Inc., a management advisory firm that helps organizations improve their strategy, marketing, structure and leadership. Both personally and professionally, Don’s life focuses on the choices we make and how we can learn to make better ones.